Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Japan 2–Belgium 3, World Cup 2018.

Heartbreak in Japan after losing to Belgium with the last kick of the game. Japan were leading 2-0 with about 25 minutes to go, but Belgium came back to score 3 goals. The last goal came in the last 30 seconds of the match.

Real heartbreak in Japan today.

But the Japanese players did themselves and their country proud. The Japanese media weren’t expecting them to do very well at the World Cup, but they played some great soccer and almost pulled off a huge shock. They’ll get a great reception when they return to Japan.

Well done to Belgium too. They didn’t give up and kept attacking. They’ll have learnt a lot from this match.

Everyone in our house was hoping Japan could have held on though.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

道はその日その日の生活の中に : The path is in day-to-day life

path is in daily life

Someone sent me a Buddhist card with the Japanese words “道はその日その日の生活の中に”.
In Japanese this reads “michi wa sono hi sono hi no seikatsu no naka ni”.

The meaning of the words is:
道 (michi): path, way, road
その日その日 (sono hi sono hi): each day, from day to day, day-to-day
生活 (seikatsu): life, living
の中に (no naka ni): in, within, inside, in the midst of

So altogether it means something like “the path is in day-to-day life”, or “the (Buddhist) way is within daily life”.

Think they’re right.