Monday, December 8, 2008

Nishijima-Cross Shobogenzo translation online

I just read on Mike Cross's blog "Treasury of the Eye of True Sitting" that Book One of the Nishijima-Cross Shobogenzo translation is available online from the Numata Centre website.

Sounds like Books 2-4 will be online as well in the future. Good news.




  1. Yes, great news indeed. Although I like Tanahashi's and Cook's translations too but I think translation by Nishijima and Cross is the most clearminded.

    With palms together,

  2. Peter, i have to send a note this way as i'm on the net via a mobile phone. Just to say i can't make 11 am tomorrow. How's tuesday at that hour? Hope ye're all well. Harry.

  3. Hi,

    as Kazuaki Tanahashi has just visited me in October/November I learnt that he is preparing a new version of Shobogenzo being published in spring 2009. I don't know how the english version of Nishijima's translation is but I like the German very much. I think there can't be any better.


  4. Thank you for the good news Peter. Happy New Year (and Moment) to You.

    Gassho, Jundo


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